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Lili & Linda

About Lili — I’m on the right

I have arrived in the Eden of Canada!
How does everyone else NOT know about this place?!
I’ve done the Tour de Western Canada: Lived in Manitoba, then in Calgary and Edmonton (most of my adult life), then Saskatoon and finally North Saanich in 2011 and I promise, this is my final stop!

Retired from management, I now seem to be busier than ever!
Besides enjoying family time, I jog daily, plus play tennis, hike, and garden with zeal.   This truly is the best of times!

About Linda – I’m on the left

Born and raised in Vancouver, I spent 18 years in Northern Ontario, a zillion miles from anywhere (3 hours from a major city).

I moved to the Greater Victoria area in the latter part of 2011 and LOVE it. I am so grateful to be able to enjoy the incredible natural beauty of the Island and I have a deep thankfulness to the wonderful businesses that contribute to the west coast lifestyle.

Now that I’ve retired from teaching and the gene pool members are on their own, I have the time to hike, bike, walk and play tennis.  Doing so outside 12 months of the year is bliss!!

How we met
We both joined Peninsula Newcomers Club and consequently met over a Club luncheon, discovering that we both love the West Coast life — and tennis and chocolate and clothes and shoes!

Having experienced real Canadian winters (“it’s COLD, but it’s a DRY cold!”), we both know how very fortunate we are to have landed in this corner of paradise.

Because we are both so much in love with this area, we felt the best way to share our enthusiasm was to blog about our unique discoveries.

We genuinely hope you too will share our excitement as we explore and discover the gems of Greater Victoria!

Our editorial content is not influenced in any way by the proprietors of the restaurants, shops or businesses about which we write.


Images on this blog have been taken by Lili or Linda unless otherwise noted.