NOURISH Kitchen & Cafe

“Dismal November! me it soothes to view,
At parting day, the scanty foliage fall
From the wet fruit tree, or the grey stone wall,
Whose cold films glisten with unwholesome dew;
To watch the yellow mists from the dank earth
Enfold the neighboring copse; while on as they pass
The silent rain-drops bend the long rank grass
Which wraps some blossom’s unmaturéd birth.”
–   Charles Lloyd, To Autumn

As we enter the month of November, where the leaves complete their journey and are then trodden on, I have an increasing desire for cosy, intimate spaces, with a fire blazing, a pot of hot tea on hand and an Agatha Christie mystery to get lost in. Nourish Kitchen & Cafe, located in an 1889 heritage house in James Bay, Victoria, ticks all those boxes.

On the main floor is the Dining Room , complete with a brick fireplace, where Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are served.

The Cafe is around the corner where you can grab a coffee/tea and muffin and head upstairs…


to the The Study, The Parlour or The Cloud….


for intimate and secluded spots for eating and chatting…



reading and writing….


…studying and maybe a bit of sleeping.


Lil and I rested our weary bodies here but we only had coffee/tea because we had lunch reservations at another place. We found Nourish Cafe to be a delightfully cosy place, abounding with nooks and crannies, couches and chairs. A great spot for conversation and food.


During the warmer months The Garden is open and you could find yourself surrounded by planters of kale, garlic, rosemary or thyme.

Bikers consider this a favourite respite location and the bike racks are a visible welcome sign for them.


Nourish prepares vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and meat loving food so that all can enjoy!

Nourish Kitchen & Cafe
225 Quebec Street
Victoria, BC


Sun-Mon: 9-3
Tues-Sat: 9-9pm

IMAGINE STUDIO CAFE – Giving Youth a Chance

You’ll need coffee shops and sunsets and road trips. Airplanes and passports and new songs and old songs, but people more than anything else. You will need other people and you will need to be that other person to someone else, a living breathing screaming invitation to believe better things.

Jamie Tworkowski  (founder of To Write Love on her Arms)


Imagine Studio Cafe is a cozy coffee cafe. The decor is airy and neutral: soothing and relaxing and inviting. But it is much more than a coffee shop. It is hope and a belief in better things.


Dorothy Morrison is the proprietor of Imagine. In a soft spoken voice she explained her vision in opening Imagine Cafe. She wanted to help young people at risk and give them opportunities to learn marketable skills and to imagine a better life. The young people that work for her are given this opportunity and many have come back to thank her for believing in them and giving them hope.


The cafe serves simple fare: soups, salads and sandwiches.
And local vegetables, fruits, kitchen supplies and artisan products are available for purchase.


My Brie and Black forest ham sandwich served on bread from La Tana bakery was delicious!
There are bite size sweets to accompany your coffee or tea.  The mini butter tart I had was a perfect end to my meal.





It’s a welcoming spot for browsing

the Internet while having a meal

or a coffee, and board games

are left for patrons as well.




Imagine……..feeling good about your meal as well as knowing you’re helping to support young people learn marketable skills.


Imagine Studio Cafe
31 Erie Street
Victoria BC


M-F: 8:00-5:00pm
Sat-Sun: 9:30-5:00pm

John’s Place

“Some foods are so comforting, so nourishing of body and soul, that to eat them is to be home again after a long journey. To eat such a meal is to remember that, though the world is full of knives and storms, the body is built for kindness. The angels, who know no hunger, have never been as satisfied.”
Eli Brown, Cinnamon and Gunpowder

“A Victoria icon, a place one must visit, be sure to take guests, order the eggs benny – they are fabulous!”  I had been wanting to patronize John’s Place for many months… because of the many statements I had heard from friends and acquaintances.

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The Pier Bistro

“Sit in reverie and watch the changing colour of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind.”  — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

And what better place to do so than at The Pier Bistro!

Pier view

Located at the very end of Beacon Avenue, Sidney’s main street, right out on the end of the pier is where you’ll find the aptly named Pier Bistro.

Pier Bistro 5
There’s indoor seating for blustery days, but we were here on a gloriously sunny day and chose a waterside table.  We watched the waves lapping in the sun, boats out on the water, seagulls lazily soaring by and even a proud mother duck and her six ducklings paddling by just beyond our table.

The Pier’s crab cakes were made to just the right done-ness, with just a bit of a spicy bite to them, but not so much that you become suspicious of what’s being hidden.  Good flavor!

The Spicy Thai Salad was refreshing with interesting greens and lots of cashews.

The piece de resistance was The Pier Bistro’s eggs benny, which is a Crab Benny, served on a crab cake instead of a biscuit.  Unique and delicious!

Come here when your company arrives from landlocked locations – they’ll be impressed!

The Pier Bistro
2550 Beacon Ave W, Sidney, BC
(250) 655-4995
Tue – Sun  9 am – 9 pm
Mon  9 am – 4 pm

Jam Cafe

“Everyone runs around trying to find a place where they still serve breakfast because eating breakfast, even if it’s 5 o’clock in the afternoon, is a sign that the day has just begun and good things can still happen. Having lunch is like throwing in the towel.”

Another lineup; this time only a 20 minute wait. We decided to wait it out because the café came highly recommended by the gene pool and we were hungry.

Jam Cafe


The menu listed Eggs Benny, Omelettes and what the café is know for…. their Southern dishes. No wonder my sons love this place: the Southern dishes (as in the Deep South, USA) are great big whopping plates of buttermilk biscuits, eggs, sausage gravy, bacon, hash browns…you get the picture. I had the Eggs Benny with the sugar cured bacon and Lil had Eggs Benny with smoked salmon. Served with hash browns and fruit (strawberries that were red to the core) it was a delicious meal. Breakfast is served all day but there are lunch items for the time minded person.


Jam Café
542 Herald Street
Victoria, BC

Open 8-3:00 pm daily
No reservations

Dakota Cafe

“Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots [routes] to come back and a reason to stay.”
Dalai Lama, posted on a chalkboard inside the Dakota Café at the Victoria Flying Club

Finding the Dakota Café was the challenge, but the food was well worth the search!Dakota 1b






Wor wonton soup is their specialty……people are in a lineup out the door some days just for this soup.
“Wor” means “everything”, which in their soup includes tasty pork wontons, chicken, prawns, scallops, imitation crab, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, red onions, bok choy and a tasty broth.  The soup bowl actually looks like a dishful of wontons, meat and vegetables surrounded by a bit of broth.  A medium bowl ($11)  is actually a full meal.
Very hearty!  Very tasty!

Dakota 2b







Linda and I split the wor wonton soup and then shared a “Cajun & More Wrap” ($11).  It was more, indeed!
Even half the wrap is a hefty portion, with a side of yummy fries – really GOOD  fries, actually.
The wrap had a bit of a bite to it, likely due to the banana peppers.
Another specialty is their Sesame Ginger Salad ($12), with mixed greens and soba noodles tossed in a sweet and spicy sesame dressing topped with grilled chicken and Japanese ginger.Dakota 31







Eggs Benny are served all day on weekends and until 11 am on weekdays.

The indoor café has a mercenary lunchroom look to it, with small lunchroom tables and chairs lined up in straight rows.
We were there on a gorgeous sunny day, so we ate on the patio, with the live action just beyond the patio.  We were sitting literally at the side of the tarmac!
As we ate, several small aircraft took off and landed, as did a couple of commercial jets and the large SeaKing helicopter.  Several small craft taxied in or out of their parked spot just a few metres beyond our table.  It was live entertainment!





Oh, and just so you have an easier time finding this gem secretly tucked among the various buildings near the airport, it’s on the way to the Victoria Flying Club, where Canora Road and Ocean Ave W meet…………go west of that intersection on Canso Road toward the airport control tower and look for the signs.
It’s worth it!


Dakota Café
#101, 1852 Canso Rd, Sidney, BC
Mon – Fri  8 am – 4 pm
Sat & Sun  8 am – 2:30 pm.

3rd Street Cafe

“Alice laughed. ‘There’s no use trying,’ she said. ‘One can’t believe impossible things.’I daresay you haven’t had much practice,’ said the Queen. ‘When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. “

Located on the corner of 3rd Street and Beacon the 3rd Street Café is one busy restaurant. A waiting line that overflowed on to the avenue, regular patrons and first timers waited patiently for their names to be called. Thank goodness it was a day sans rain because our wait was @ 10 minutes. I felt like The Little Match Girl standing on the outside looking in and resting my eyes on platters heaped with Eggs Benny, hash browns, stuffed omelettes, bacon and sausage. Though the cafe serves breakfast all day lunch items are also available.

IMG_3472This is NOT a place for an intimate conversation because the café is a tiny place with tables very close together and if you choose to eat at the window bar you might rub elbows with a stranger!

But this is the place to order delicious omelettes and an intriguing variety of Eggs benny.

3rd Street Café
2466 Beacon Avenue
Sidney, BC

M-Sat 7-3        Sun 8-2

Crumsby’s Cupcake Cafe

“A balanced diet is a cookie(Cupcake) in each hand.” -Barbara Johnson

West Saanich Location


Estevan Location

Cupcakes galore: Petit cupcakes with the most delectable buttercream icing. In house made, there are many flavours and varieties to choose from. I went in and bought six cupcakes: two chocolate and four salted caramel.


Determined to eat only two a day with my tea…. I gobbled five in the first day…. what a delicious snack!

Crumsby’s does sell breakfast and luncheon items but I go there for the best cupcakes in Victoria!!

Crumsby’s Cupcake Café
2509 Estevan Ave.
Victoria, BC

T-Sat 7:30am-6pm
Sun-Holidays 9am-4pm
Closed Monday


4525 West Saanich Road

T-Sat. 7:30am-5pm
Sun-Holidays 9am-4pm
Closed Monday