CHUCK’S BURGER BAR- Another visit

Whenever possible, I use local, fresh ingredients, just because it tastes and feels better to eat an egg or a tomato or a hamburger that wasn’t flown halfway around the world, that didn’t travel on a truck and get stuck in traffic jams, that hasn’t been sitting in a supermarket’s refrigerator case for days. Kate Christensen

Chuck’s hamburgers are freshly made, freshly grilled and delicious. That is why, son by son,  I am introducing the gene pool to Chuck’s Burger Bar, located in Sidney, across from Sleggs Lumber. (Check out the first post on Chuck’s Burger Bar published in October)

Gene pool #2 did a huge favour for us so I treated him and hubby to burgers.

My son ordered The Guilty Pleasure Burger: Ground bacon patty (yep, ground bacon) with 2 slices of Jensen’s cheese and Chuck’s special sauce.




So good!


and hubby designed his own burger: Angus beef, chorizo sausage, onion rings, Texas barbecue sauce, tomatoes and lettuce. Awesome was the verdict!



and this is Chuck’s version of Caesar salad: Romaine lettuce, bite size pieces of bacon, tomato, slices of hard boiled egg and a creamy dressing.


Chuck’s Burger Bar
2031 Malaview Ave W,
Sidney, BC

(778) 351-2485

Mon-Sat 11 am-10:00 pm


Man who invented the hamburger was smart; man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius.

Matthew McConaughey

The Spitfire Grill is located on the outskirts of the Victoria International Airport. With optimum viewing of the various runways,

IMG_7388and decorated with an assortment of flying apparatus,



we spent a delightful lunch at The Spitfire Grill enjoying not only the view outside but the view inside.

We ordered two of the most popular dishes; the Classic Spitfire burger and the Blackened Halibut Caesar Wrap. The burger is served on a Portofino Brioche Bun and the patty is dressed with cheddar cheese, mushrooms, bacon and a special house made sauce. A wonderful cheeseburger!!


The Halibut wrap was mixed with romaine lettuce, pieces of parmesan cheese and house caesar dressing. It too was quite tasty.


We were divided about the regular fries and the sweet potato fries. Each person was partial to their fries order. Both were thought delicious.

The Spitfire Grill

9681 Willingdon Rd

North Saanich, BC


Sun-Thursday: 8-8

Fri-Sat: 8-9

The Pink Bicycle

“I always say, ‘Eat clean to stay fit;  have a burger to stay sane.’ “ — Gigi Hadid

Yes, there’s a pink bicycle in the window of this casual burger restaurant.  The story goes, the owner used to ride this bike to work every day……… that’s it!

Pink Bicycle 5


But this isn’t your average burger joint.

Not only is this one of the best beef burgers I’ve had, but beef isn’t nearly the only burger available here.
The Pink Bicycle offers burgers made from chicken, swine, lamb, bison, salmon, ahi tuna, veggie,  black bean veggie, truffle mushroom, and more.

Sides available include soups, salads, fries and poutine.
Everything is sourced locally where possible.

Pink Bicycle 3

I chose the most popular burger, the Pink Bike Cheese Burger and a side house salad with veggies, sunflower seeds and a fig-balsamic vinaigrette — all yummy!  The buns are baked next door at Bond Bond’s Bakery.


Linda chose the second most popular burger, the Blue Cheese Lamb Burger with a side of fries.
The locally sourced organic lamb is infused with savoury rosemary and apricot pesto, and the burger is topped with local rich blue cheese and lime mayo.
I’m not a fan of lamb, but I tried this and the blue cheese makes this a star for sure!


Love that Pink Bicycle!

The Pink Bicycle
1008 Blanshard St, Victoria

Mon – Sat 11:30 am – 9 pm