Cold Comfort, Kid Sister, and Parachute Ice Cream Makers

“Believe me, I love a good chocolate chip ice cream. I’m not going to go for some lousy version of it. If I’m going to have it, I’m going to have a really good one. I believe in treating yourself occasionally to something.”  — Christie Brinkley

I knew this was going to be good — I just didn’t realize how much of that good I’d have!

Another typical Victoria summer day:  wonderfully  warm and sunny!
So unsurprisingly, after errands  in Cook Street Village, we found ourselves craving a cold treat.

Happily, we were near Cold Comfort……….a small, independent ice cream company that makes some unique flavours.


On offer today, for example, were Peach & Bourbon, Pineapple & Mint, and
Hoyne Dark Matter &
Happy Hour Bar Nuts.
No kidding!


We shared a cup of the Peach & Bourbon ice cream and remarked on both flavours coming through individually and also working so well together.



I like their loyalty card which gives me one free ice cream sandwich or pint for every ten purchased.

I also appreciate that Cold Comfort uses organic and locally sourced eggs, milk and cream, and local sea salt. They also use organic & fairly traded cane sugar and cocoa for their chocolate.

And here’s a truly unique offer!   Cold Comfort sells postcards that are good for a custom-made flavour delivered to the door:  I give a postcard to a friend who fills it out, drops it in the mail and when Cold Comfort receives it, they make the requested flavour and delivers!
I daresay, this is one instance where it may be more blessed to receive than to give!


Outside the shop,
two kids were happily dipping into their Pineapple & Mint
ice creams,
and their Mom
is clearly a
Cold Comfort fan
as well!


Need a warm, fuzzy feeling?
Cold Comfort delivers!



We were blocks away before I realized that we had pretty much inhaled our cup of Cold Comfort ice cream – and I had forgotten to catch a photo…… this is all I had left!

After a somewhat lengthy stop at MEC to find new tennis shoes, we badly needed another cold treat.
We crossed the street and in Fan Tan Alley, we found Kid Sister.

Kid Sister has been making ice cream for seven years and moved to Fan Tan Alley about a year ago.
Once again, we were impressed with the diligence of Kid Sister’s owners to source organic ingredients, where possible, and to source locally.

We had a taste of the Quince & Creme Fraiche Ripple and it was so fresh on the palate!
The very pleasant Kid Sister attendant insisted we try the Classic Grapefruit Sherbet.  Truly, that was grapefruit juice perfected!

And then, we had to make a choice………….

………………..we watched the “makers” work their magic, but still had to make a choice…………

………….and the Pistachio Almond Chocolate was the chosen one!
I wanted to see whether I could distinguish each flavour, and yes! the pistachio, almond and chocolate were all present in creamy glory!
Again, we left, smiling!
Welcome to my family, Kid Sister!

I had to follow up on an errand near the Gorge, and, true to form, my friend suggested we pick up a half-pint of ice cream to take home.  (Are you kidding me?!)
Being the staunch trooper that I am, I agreed, and I suggested Parachute Ice Cream.


I had enjoyed Parachute’s ice cream before this so I was already aware of Parachute’s advice, written on the wall of their ice cream shop:

Parachute varies their flavour offerings according to available ingredients.
For example, today they offered Vanilla Jasmine, Passionfruit, Lychee Black Tea, Blueberry, Chocolate Coconut Vegan, among others.  When the container of a specific flavour is depleted, they move on to offer another one.
We chose a half-pint of Brown Butter Brownie ice cream to go.

Not much left of that either, is there?!

Too much of a good thing?  Perhaps, if it was a daily habit!  But for an occasional treat — true bliss!

I defer to Parachute’s sage words: “Every problem has a solution and more often than not, that solution is ice cream.  One spoonful of our carefully crafted confections triggers the ultimate release.  Two will save the day.  Ice cream is love and love is all you need.  Let it go.”    Amen!


Parachute Ice Cream
105-2626 Bridge St, Victoria
Mon – Sat 11 am – 7 pm,  Sun Noon – 7 pm

Kid Sister Ice Cream
 #10 Fan Tan Alley, Victoria
Sun – Wed  noon – 6 pm, Thur – Sat  noon – 9 pm

Cold Comfort Ice Cream
1115 N Park St #2, Victoria
Sun – Thur  11 am – 9 pm,  Fri & Sat  11 am – 10 pm

Adrienne’s Restaurant and Tea Garden- Ice Cream Parlour

I love dessert. All kinds. But there’s something about ice cream that makes me happy. I am drawn to its simplicity. I am perplexed by the endless supply of constantly growing flavor options. And I am always in the mood for sprinkles and a sugar cone.

Rachel Nichols

During the August long weekend, on a beautiful sunny Saturday, my siblings and their spouses hopped over the little pond to join me on a bike ride to downtown Victoria.

Wisteria arbour with Linda


Mattick’s Farm is conveniently situated on the Lochside Trail and located in Mattick’s Farm is Adrienne’s Restaurant and Tea Place and Ice Cream Parlour. And in the parlour are cartons of wonderfully diverse flavours of Island Farms’ ice cream.


My sister and brother in law ALWAYS stop for ice cream when they bike into Victoria even though lunch  is on the horizon. My brother, sister in law and I chose to abstain…until we saw the cones! Oh my goodness!

IMG_7472                             Chocolate Chip Mint &  Moose Tracks

The cones were generously steeped high with Sea Salt Caramel (suffused with “…salted caramel truffles and sea salt caramel ripple…”) Chocolate Chip Mint and Moose Tracks ( vanilla ice cream, fudge and peanut butter cups) ice cream. My brother looked at the cones and quickly said, “Oh, I have to have one of those.” I was the next to succumb and then my sister in law capitulated. The ice cream flavours were creamy and plain lip smacking delicious.

IMG_1155                  Moose tracks & Sea Salt Caramel, Moose Tracks, Sea Salt Caramel, Moose Tracks & Sea Salt Caramel

In the end there were five very happy people licking ice cream!!

Adrienne’s Restaurant & Tea
Mattick’s Farm
5325 Cordova Bay Rd.
Saanich, BC


Sun-Sat 7:30 AM -6:00 PM


Prima Strada Pizzeria

“I believe gelato is meant to be treated as medicine and taken daily as a prescription.” — author Ally Carter

Probably most locals in Victoria have heard about Prima Strada’s pizzas.
With three locations in town, it’s easy to get there, although not always easy to get in due to the lineups at peak times of the day/week, but always worth the wait.  Plus their system of notifying waiting diners allows us to wait nearby at a shop/watering hole while anticipating our meal.
20151111_143043 (Large)
However, the eye-opener for me has been their gelatos and sorbettos.
With a good selection of flavours, these house-made dolci desserts are the perfect ending to any meal, or just a treat unto themselves.

Silky smooth, strongly flavoured and a good sweetness balance — makes it nearly impossible for me to pass by any one of Prima Strada’s pizzerias without stopping, even if it’s simply to run in to pick up a gelato to go.


Pizzeria Prima Strada
Bridge Street                        Cook Street                               Fort Street
2960 Bridge St, Victoria         230 Cook St,  Victoria               1990 Fort St,  Victoria
250-590-4380                           250-590-8595                             250-590-8599
Tue – Sat 11 am – 9 pm             Sun-Thur 11:30 am – 9 pm       Sun-Thur 11 am – 9 pm
                                                      Fr & Sat 11:30 am – 10 pm        Fri & Sat  11 am – 10 pm