Adriana’s, the Whole Enchilada

“The country of Mexico has just gotten its first Taco Bell.   You’re welcome.  Finally, Mexicans will have access to….Mexican food.  Bon appetit.  I can’t imagine how confused they will be when they get a taco.  ”  — Jon Stewart

We’re not telling anyone because “it’s always raining on the Island”…………..but we’ve been having stellar summers here with heat and blue skies and sunshine!

On several such hot summer days we found ourselves in Central Saanich — that’s within running distance of my house in North Saanich! — noticing much activity at lunchtime at a small storefront restaurant called Adriana’s.

Every time we’ve been near this place midday, there’s a lineup!  What’s their deal?!
Well, for one thing, they offer wholesome, hot meals to go.



Adriana’s serves authentic Mexican food — no Taco Bell fare here!

Adriana’s opened in 2011 and has remained committed
to using locally sourced ingredients to prepare their quality meals made in-house.


The options here are several, and they’re prepared
using top-notch local ingredients.
For example, their meat is sourced from
Carnivore ( Carnivore Meats & More ) in
Brentwood Bay, just north on West Saanich Road.


The chicken in my Chicken Fajita Super-Taco, below,
came from Carnivore.


Everything here is housemade, including the chips.

In addition to individual meal orders, there’s a good selection of prepared meals to go.


If you’re looking for authentic salsa or other Mexican dips, this is your place.

I love the chip and salsa sampling station!

You need authentic Mexican seasonings?  Check these out!


Our meal came with a complementary savoury cookie — just the right note to end a flavourful, hearty meal.  Of course, all cookies are made in-house as well.


The sign outside on the sidewalk really says it all:








2140 Keating Cross Road


Mon – Fri  9 – 7,  Sat 10 – 4


Cast Art Studios

“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed.   And you are beautiful.”   —
Amy Bloom

Seeing such a sign generally does not instill confidence in the quality of items below that arrow!

And the “showroom” is a fenced off portion of a parking lot just off an industrial street on the Peninsula.
But let us not generalize!
These items are not ones that you’ll tuck up under your arm as you head off to the cashier.
They’re statuary made of concrete, and they are large, and they are heavy.    












And they are durable — tested to withstand even Prairie winters — and I recall plenty of those!
We checked things over carefully………

…..including the bird baths, of course………decorative pedestals……


………interesting benches………..
……………..wall art…………..

…………serenity-inspiring statuary……………


……….and my personal fave, which has nothing at all to do

with the fact that I’m about to become a grandma!


These palletized items are ready for shipping, to anywhere!

So, you want statement garden art?    Where y’ gonna go?

Cast Art Studios
2145 Keating Cross Road

Mon – Fri    9 am – 4 pm



If it could only be like this always — always summer, always alone, the fruit always ripe… ~Evelyn Waugh

Five years on the peninsula and this was my first time visiting Gobind Farm. Strongly recommended at the gym (it replaces the hair salon for recommendations and tips) Lil and I visited the farm on the second day of summer. Blue skies, blue seas, a warm wind and strawberries galore. Nothing triggers summer memories like the warm smell of freshly picked strawberries.

This farm means business with the berry industry. Besides the strawberries ( spring and everbearing), Gobind sells loganberries, tayberries, blackberries, raspberries, boysenberries, blueberries and rhubarb, in season. Whew!!

Jars of raspberry, blueberry and strawberry syrup and jams line the shelves; just perfect on an ice cream sundae or with a peanut butter sandwich.



Frozen bags of berries are in the freezer for those who would like the convenience of an instant ingredient for a smoothie or cobbler.


Off to make strawberry and rhubarb cobbler.

Gobind Farms
6929 Veyaness Rd,
Saanichton, BC


Open 7 days a week during Strawberry Season

9 am- 6:30pm


 “The meal was delectable, with courses of consomme and leeks, cold poached salmon with bergamot mousseline sauce and cucumbers, curried game meats, mutton joint with savory stuffering, roasted duckling and pheasant and squab with herbed root vegetables, and so on. Tabitha, whose finest meals had consisted largely of tinned meats and powered custard, nearly wept at the smells and textures and tastes flooding her senses.”

― jessic lawson

What is a perfect end to the 10 kilometre walk around Elk/Beaver Lake?  Dinner at the Med Grill and ordering from their Tuscan Table menu. It is a 3 course meal full of deliciousness and we oohed and ahhed over each delectable course.


Antipasto: Wild Mushrooms on Toast: Toasted rye baguette, roasted wild mushrooms, confit garlic goat cheese mousse, fresh arugula and balsamic reduction. Doesn’t that sound marvelous! It was! I could have feasted on that for the evening.


Insalata & Zuppa: I ordered the Roasted Cauliflower & Smoked White Cheddar Zuppa. Delicious!


Have you had a dish that stays in your palate bank long after the meal has finished……….This is IT……


Primo: My friend and I both chose the Applewood Smoked Bacon Wrapped Chicken: Cranberry, brie & spinach stuffing, oven roasted, finished with a gorgonzola & walnut cream sauce, accompanied with roasted garlic whipped potatoes. This dish was amazing!  And from a different angle…….


Dolce: The choice was Lemon Frangelico Mousse & Blueberry Trifle


or Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake.


My friend chose the former and I, the latter. Both were delicious but I have to confess that I was too full to finish the dessert.

The Tuscan Table menu changes monthly and November’s menu will end during the last week of November.


The Tuscan Table is available after 4:30 pm

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday  $22.99

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday  $24.99

Of course there is an extensive menu that is independent of the Tuscan Table Menu. I have eaten at the Med Grill before and have found the quality of the food to be exceptional.

4512 W Saanich Rd,
Victoria, BC

(250) 727-3444

The Old Attic, Saanichton

“Our culture’s obsession with vintage objects has rendered us unable to separate history from nostalgia. People want heart. They want a chaser of emotion with their aesthetics.”  —  Sloane Crosley

The Old Attic, Saanichton                

Maybe it’s my age, but as we browsed through The Old Attic in Saanichton, I experienced a significant chaser of emotion, looking at so many items from various time periods of my own life.

The owner, Lynne Parker, had so many anecdotes about items, and clearly she knows each one individually.  She’s constantly bringing in items to replace sold pieces, always searching for good quality pieces to supplement her collections.

“Past to present” is their tagline, and the pieces reflect the various periods.    There’s furniture, linen, decor, jewellery, books & records, games, lamps and artwork, and all items are in very good condition.


In addition to selling quality vintage items, The Old Attic also offers classes in refinishing furniture.
They sell Cottage Paints which you can take with you or use in their shop to work on a project.


A unique collection of vintage tools caught my eye, reminding me of my Grampa’s workbench.
And then in another area, I spotted this most unusual rocking chair with a leather seat inset.


But the items that made my eyes open widest were all the copper pieces, from various periods.
It’s really like a museum, ever-changing in its offerings — plus you can take your favourites home!


The Old Attic
7925 E Saanich Rd, Saanichton
Sun – Sat 10 am – 5 pm