SheShe Shoes

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” —  Harry Winston

This 4-metre topiary in downtown Victoria made me stop in wonderment this past summer, but admittedly, it was due to the green thumb in me, not so much to the fact that I had shoes on my mind. But since that seed was planted……….yeah, the pun is intended!………we did go over to She She Shoes.

On offer we found ankle boots…………and prim ‘n’ smart loafers………

……….and flat-heeled ankle boots, such as these by Blonde.

There are practical items such as these flats from Butterfly Twists…..
……..aptly named, because the heel tucks into the toe of the flat, like a cocoon, taking up little space when travelling.


Socks are offered too.




And there are the warm-weather


……………like these sandals from Miz Mooz………..

……………and these lace-ups from Sacha London.

The shoes in this shop could almost be considered commonplace………….almost………

……………but then we noticed these very comfy and colourful flats, and these pumped-up lace-ups….

………….and these booties…………….

………….and these flats from Poetic Licence………….

……………and these almost-staid polka dotted pumps…………….
…………….and these almost-practical shoes from Shoe the Bear:

……….and then it got interesting.

You love animals, and you want to put that forward?  Try these!

Or these, from Irregular Choice.

And then the heels kicked it up a notch…………

……………..moving to the ice creams, …………………….

 ………….to Bambi, ……………….

…………the stacked dice…………………..

…………….the pink flamingos………….

……………and even an adorable bride & groom pair in which to kick things up in style at a wedding!

Those heels made these shoes look tame by comparison:

Even the flaming red embellished pair looked almost demure!

I HAD to try some…………….

……….and walked out, a delighted customer!  Even the shoe box is unique!

She She Shoes
618 View St
250- 383-1883

Mon – Sat 10 – 5:30,  Sun noon – 5


“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them” – Marc Jacob

I had a dread of consignment/second hand clothing stores. There would be a gazillion clothes squashed together on one long rod, several feet above my head that I would have to peruse through in order to find the one nugget of clothing that would be my find of the day. I would come out of the store with a headache and a dislocated shoulder, shaking the dust off of my feet and vowing to never enter one of those establishments again. And then my daughter in law recommended Pocket Clothing Store.

What an impressive store!

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Mercedes Lane Too

Luxury is the ease of a t-shirt in a very expensive dress.Karl Lagerfeld

No matter how good the piece of clothing looks, it’s got to FEEL good when wearing it — usually for hours on end!
My confident recommendation to find look-good / feel-good pieces are at Mercedes Lane Too on Cook Street.

The storefront is like a siren, beckoning me from down the street!
There are dresses,


tops for leggings,


more dresses,


pants from Up! — made in Canada  — in different colours and patterns and all oh, so flattering!,


and coats.


The owner, Tina Robson, has years of experience sourcing her products and carries varied clothing such as silk and linen items from Italy, for example, but she’s proud to note that about 65% of her wares are made in Canada.

For example, Mode de Vie clothing (left) is made in Canada, as is Gitane (right), below.


Besides the amazing Up! pants, Mercedes Lane Too also offers Canadian-made lines such as Neon Buddha, Mode de Vie and Pretty Woman, among others.

And while it plays only a supporting role, there’s art available too!

Tina doesn’t have an advertising budget — she doesn’t need to!
Every time I’m in her shop, I see women browsing, trying on the clothing, and they range in age from teens to my Grandma! No advertising budget means more economical prices for us! Maybe that’s why I never see anyone leaving the store empty-handed!
(…….or it could be the no-pressure help Tina and her staff offer us………….this is actual customer service!)

I bought these bernie mev shoes two years ago and they’re perfect when it’s wet underfoot, plus they’re the lightest footwear I own! 

There’s also bling and boot toppers,


hats and other accessories.

On this visit, Linda was partial to black-ish choices:


I had to have a shorty sweater and an airy-floaty dress, both in green, on this particular day………..


It’s truly worth a stop at Mercedes Lane Too — a different store with different stuff!
Great, irresistible stuff!


Mercedes Lane Too
325 Cook St, Victoria

Tue – Sat  9:30 – 8, Mon 9:30 – 6, Sun 10 – 6


Duchess & Duke

“I say dress to please yourself. Listen to your inner muse and take a chance. Wear something that says ‘Here I am!’ today.” —Iris Apfel

Lil and I enjoy consignment shopping. There is such a variety of clothing and accessories: high end mixed with eclectic pieces….something for every age and style.  We had the pleasure of visiting two this past Thursday, and they are only blocks from each other.

The Duchess and Duke is a well organized consignment store. Dresses on one rack, pants on another, shirts, another and once on the racks they are then organized by colour.



The shoes are well displayed, as are the purses.



The clerk was friendly and helpful and I felt that I could take my time looking through the racks and trying on the articles of clothing.

I tried on this gorgeous light pink dress which fit me oh, so tightly but on the right frame it would be stunning!!


Duchess and Duke
1824 Government Street
Victoria, BC


T-Fr  10:30 am-5:30 pm
Sat     11 am-5:30 pm
Sun    11 am-4 pm
Mon   closed

Verve Consignment

Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.  – Yves Saint Laurent

Following a recommendation from a friend who loves to shop well, we visited Verve Consignment.


The shop is very well organized so we were able to easily navigate our way to our particular clothing styles and sizes.

Verve       Verve8

Margot, the owner, knows every item in her shop and helped us find little gems that we might have overlooked.  Here she’s wearing a Vince cashmere sweater and gorgeous Valentino shoes, holding a coveted (by me!) Louis Vuitton bag — close-up on the right.

Verve6      Verve1

Linda chose a perfectly fitted blue dress (of course, blue!) and this sweater — a classic!



I was rather partial to this pair of adorable, casual shoes.


Tip:  On September 24, 2016 Verve is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Margot’s ownership.  She’ll have Greek food, cake, refreshments — and of course, great items on offer!  Can’t miss it!


With new items coming in frequently, from local sources to the Hamptons on the east USA coast, I know I’ll need to return regularly!

Verve Consignment
2013 Government St.

Tues – Sat 10 am – 5 pm

A Stable Way of Life

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.’Marilyn Monroe
Located at Mattick’s Farm, this store is the United Nations of Shoes. Canada, Great Britian, France, Israel, Portugal and Japan are some of the countries represented in the comfortable but fashionable footwear that is sold at A Stable Way of Life.
                                                                        Moccasins made in Canada
A Stable Way of Life 18
                                                                               Josef Seibel- Europe
 un Tour en Ville-France
Strive Sandals- British Designed                                                                             
                                                                          Yuko imanishi-Japan
A Stable Way of Life 14
 Traveling abroad or cruising above the 49th parallel?? Check out the following bags. A Stable Way of Life has an extensive collection of the Travelon Anti theft bags. These bags could protect Fort Knox! There is  “flexible high-tech chainlink stainless steel mesh” in the strap so it can’t be cut. There is a locking compartment so the zippers can not be opened easily. The bags are lined with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) material so that your credit card cannot be “read”, the bag can be hand washed and there is a clasp on the strap so that it can be attached to the chair when you take a break from shopping or sightseeing. Whew!!
IMG_5779The store also carries a large selection of scarves, colorful and fanciful socks and carry all pouches.

A Stable Way of Life
5325 Cordova Bay Rd.
Victoria, BC


M-Sat: 10:00-5:30pm


House of Savoy

“If you wear things you adore, you just look better.”  — Margherita Missoni

Walking into the House of Savoy consignment boutique, immediately our eyes were drawn upwards and all around, as there are eye-catching gowns presented everywhere, even high up on the walls.
House of Savoy5 (Medium)
The boutique is well organized and offers good quality and name brand clothing, shoes & boots, jewellery, accessories and even vintage pieces.

Lili had to try these “sensible boots”, nearly brand-new.
House of Savoy9 (Medium)
Linda found the perfect fit in a blue coat – and it’s reversible!  Completely unique and gorgeous!

House of Savoy8 (Medium)
Great finds at amazing prices!  A definite gem!

House of Savoy
1869 Oak Bay Avenue

Mon – Sat 10 am – 5 pm.