Jurassic Gems

I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.  — Mother Teresa

Yikes!  Those are harsh words from a saintly one!

Do you recognize your Mom’s silver fork?  Or your Grandma’s silverware spoon?

Joanne and Brad of Jurassic Gems take vintage 100-year-old forks and spoons such as those originally made by Rogers Bros. or Birks and fashion one-of-a-kind bracelets and rings from them.


They also design earrings with pewter details and silver french hooks.

Their sales and observations indicate that gold is making a comeback with younger women, as evidenced by the popularity of their gold bracelets — clearly not made from forks or spoons!.

I was dashing through the Victoria Market on downtown Douglas Street to pick up an item from Olive the Senses and was lured to the Jurassic Gems kiosk…….yes, like a crow to a shiny object!

Joanne showed me a number of unique items.  The one that hooked me was a bracelet made from a Rogers Bros. gold spoon.

It’s so similar to my own set of Rogers Bros. “Reflections” gold cutlery — I could NOT resist!

Find your own specific treasure — or take your handed-down silverware to Joanne and Brad.

                                     Yes, you CAN have your silver spoon — and wear it too!

Jurassic Gems
Victoria Market at the Hudson
1701 Douglas, Victoria


Wed 11 – 3,  Sat 11 -5


Impressa Home-Antique Store

“The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes. If you foolishly ignore beauty, you will soon find yourself without it. Your life will be impoverished. But if you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life.” Frank Lloyd Wright

Impressa Home is a building of love and beauty; lovingly decorated on the outside….. and full to the brim with beautiful antiques and vintage wares on the inside. Come and take a peek.

 The combination of vibrant colours, patterns of stripes and checks and the vividness of floral scenes delighted our senses.
This was a store to explore; it spoke to our imagination. What would it be like inside??
 Antique chandeliers hung from the rafters, bureaus, dressers, mirrors, tables, and chairs were parked around the perimeter, fur coats, hats, and stuffed animals were placed on mannequins, tea cups and delicate crystals perched on counters and there was still more….
 It was a room of delight and wonder with a mixture of antique and vintage. Venture into Impressa Home!
Impressa Home
530 Craigflower Rd.
Victoria, BC
M-Tues. 11:30-5:30
Th-Sun. 11:30-5:30

The Old Attic, Saanichton

“Our culture’s obsession with vintage objects has rendered us unable to separate history from nostalgia. People want heart. They want a chaser of emotion with their aesthetics.”  —  Sloane Crosley

The Old Attic, Saanichton                

Maybe it’s my age, but as we browsed through The Old Attic in Saanichton, I experienced a significant chaser of emotion, looking at so many items from various time periods of my own life.

The owner, Lynne Parker, had so many anecdotes about items, and clearly she knows each one individually.  She’s constantly bringing in items to replace sold pieces, always searching for good quality pieces to supplement her collections.

“Past to present” is their tagline, and the pieces reflect the various periods.    There’s furniture, linen, decor, jewellery, books & records, games, lamps and artwork, and all items are in very good condition.


In addition to selling quality vintage items, The Old Attic also offers classes in refinishing furniture.
They sell Cottage Paints which you can take with you or use in their shop to work on a project.


A unique collection of vintage tools caught my eye, reminding me of my Grampa’s workbench.
And then in another area, I spotted this most unusual rocking chair with a leather seat inset.


But the items that made my eyes open widest were all the copper pieces, from various periods.
It’s really like a museum, ever-changing in its offerings — plus you can take your favourites home!


The Old Attic
7925 E Saanich Rd, Saanichton
Sun – Sat 10 am – 5 pm


Good Things Consignments

“The home should be the treasure chest of living.”  — Le Corbusier

Love a great find?  Come to Good Things Consignments in a stroll-friendly part of Oak Bay Avenue.

Good Things Consignment 2
Three rooms of eclectic items — plus items outdoors on a pleasant day — make this a browsing treat!
Wares are well organized and include both vintage and  and nearly new items.  And LOTS of good finds!

There’s furniture, artwork, china & crystal, kitchen wares, jewellery, household appliances, carpets, toys……..really, it’s a treasure chest for living!


Good Things Consignment 4 (Medium)

The shelf with copper items caught Lili’s attention.

We noticed folks dropping off items for consignment.  We noticed people browsing and buying.
And we noticed a lot of intent looks — and smiles.
With the steady influx of items, we found that it’s worthwhile to browse the shelves every few weeks or so to catch any new additions.
Items are not dirt-cheap, but they’re priced fairly.  And things are in good shape and working order, where appropriate.

Good Things Consignment 3 (Medium)

Linda found a classic, useful silver serving plate.  One more person leaving with a parcel and a smile!
A sterling gem!

Good Things Consignments

1841 Oak Bay Avenue, #104
Mon – Sun 10 am – 5:30 pm

House of Savoy

“If you wear things you adore, you just look better.”  — Margherita Missoni

Walking into the House of Savoy consignment boutique, immediately our eyes were drawn upwards and all around, as there are eye-catching gowns presented everywhere, even high up on the walls.
House of Savoy5 (Medium)
The boutique is well organized and offers good quality and name brand clothing, shoes & boots, jewellery, accessories and even vintage pieces.

Lili had to try these “sensible boots”, nearly brand-new.
House of Savoy9 (Medium)
Linda found the perfect fit in a blue coat – and it’s reversible!  Completely unique and gorgeous!

House of Savoy8 (Medium)
Great finds at amazing prices!  A definite gem!

House of Savoy
1869 Oak Bay Avenue

Mon – Sat 10 am – 5 pm.

Kay’s Korner Experienced Goods

“I have been black and blue in some spot, somewhere, almost all my life from too intimate contacts with my own furniture. “ ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

Kay’s Korner Experienced Goods is a “big little” store filled with vintage finds.

Furniture, décor items, books – it’s an inviting display of goods from various bygone periods and not much from the current one! Continue reading “Kay’s Korner Experienced Goods”